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About Us

   SEEQ Audio is a group of forward-thinking, award-winning audio experts based out of San Francisco, California. We take an innovative approach to manipulating audio, utilizing cutting-edge tactics, tools and techniques to provide immersive audio for range of multimedia needs -- whether it be implementing 3D sound assets into a AAA game using game engine middleware, or creating bespoke UI sound elements for a highly-immersive virtual reality project, SEEQ Audio has you covered. 


 As a divers group of classically-trained musicians who understand both music and technology, we understand the need for high-quality audio in emerging technologies like VR. Today, an unfortunately high number of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality applications are plagued by either poorly-implemented audio, resulting in the sound to appear “stuck” in one point in space, poorly-implemented audio that behaves outside of realistic expectations, and in some instances, a lack of any audio at all. SEEQ Audio can help you ensure that your next virtual reality application or multimedia installation has the highest quality sound possible, ensuring maximum immersion into your world. 

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Countrytrone 5000

"Countrytron5000" is an entertaining app developed by SEEQ Audio. The app is a country song generator which combines classic formulas and tropes of country music with the magic of generative music technology to create infinite instant country hits sure to entertain both you and your Mee-Maw all the way from the county fair to the canteen. YeeeEEE-hAAWW!

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Finding Malicious Snowman

"Finding the Malicious Snowman" is a VR game completely developed by SEEQ Audio for Google Cardboard/Daydream on Android. This demo is best listened to with headphones!

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