Meet our Team






Founder, Audio Director

Qianqian Jin is a multimedia performance artist and designer with a strong passion for innovative sound design and composition. She began her Eastern classical training as a Guzheng player at the age of eight and received an education in Western music specializing as a digital composer at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.


Over the summer of 2017, she recorded over 50 GB of Guzheng samples using various techniques and tools to augment the capacity of the traditional Chinese instrument so it is available to more composers. In 2019 she also performed as an instrumentalist for the theme song of the hit video game Mortal Kombat 11, solidifying her status as a female game music bad-ass.


Besides her performance, she is also the inventor of QJin instrument, a MIDI zither with customized controls and various sensors. As a founder of SEEQ Audio, she is motivated to bring art and music into the tech industry as she believes that something amazing is happening!




Audio Engineer, Sound Designer

Kris Grant is a classically trained musician & multi-media artist with particular expertise in sound design, synthesis techniques, and electronic composition for digital media. He has been producing music for over a decade with various software systems, developing a strong understanding of computer-music interfacing, adopting an instrument-like level of comfort within the digital environment.


Grant is also an adept graphic and UX designer, creating not only 2-dimensional art but also full-on interactive, projection-mapped, audio-visual experiences.




Composer, Audio Programmer

Molly Monahan is an award-winning San Francisco-based composer, producer, and audio programmer, audio engineer, and installationist. With an education in composition and piano at the Interlochen Arts Academy and Technology and Applied Composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Monahan has a strong background in traditional composition and music theory as well as modern music technology.


Today, Monahan has professional work experience as a composer, recording engineer, orchestrator, copyist, sound designer, pianist/keyboardist, and implementor. 




Project Manager, Composer

Zhaoyu Cui is a rising songwriter, media composer, and producer who is originally from China, currently studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. As a media composer, Zhaoyu is sensitive to the rhythm of narration and the atmosphere in the scenes. He’s good at depicting moods and supporting the storytelling with his keen musical intuition.


He has previously collaborated with artists to create music for short videos and games. He also has experience and a strong interest in 360-degree sound design. Using the ambisonic B-format audio file as an approach, he creates immersive listening experiences of both stories and pieces of music.